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The TV on the 11 o'clock news and the occasional hoots of a nearby owl keep me company as I work on a new game. I am working on a new Odyssey 2 game. It is a port of Wizard of Wor. So as not to get in trouble with CBS, I have changed the name of it. What would a game about a wizard in a war be called? Why of course: Battlewizard! I made sure to put my custom sound making code in the game so I don't have to work it in with horrid results later. The only sound in the game now is a thud in case you


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Video Rental Stores

Introduction  The idea for this blog came about shortly after making my Chuck E. Cheese blog. As I mentioned in that one, Chuck E. Cheese wasn't a big part of my childhood. So I thought "why not share something that WAS a big part of my childhood?" And so I present to you, the reader, this blog sharing the video stores I visited when I was a kid, as well as some of the games and movies I rented and bought.  The Video Stores I Visited During My Childhood Ladysmith Video and Crazy M


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I know now what I want to do.

Working on Frank the Fruit Fly for Game Boy again. It had been a few days I took off. Even still I forgot what I wanted to do next. I went ahead and made a screen for level 3. I made a better saving game noise. After much trial and error, I finally made the beginning to level 3. While it's not a screen you can lose health on, it's still a big step since I needed to continue the work on the beginning of level 3. I found that the game did not save health properly, so I think I fixed


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update on the sad news.

Thanks for the support. I didn't think I'd cry as I watched my dog die, but as a matter of fact, I shed some tears. As it turns out, I was not in the affected area of power shutoff. I blame the local news media. They kept showing this map of the whole area and said "These are the places where the power will be shut off." Of course, none of the places were shaded yet because it was too early. And the fears really got cemented when the TV did its Emergency Alert System thing and told us our p

Sad news

Our dog is dead. We had her put to sleep. The power company may shut off our power for a few days because they have decided we live in a place that's a high risk of wildfires. Seems really dumb since I'm in a CITY and not out in some country wilderness. So I'm going to stop working on Frank the Fruit Fly or anything else for a couple of days in case they actually do shut off my power. Woke up to find the Queen died. I can't watch our US news networks any more since they can't seem to s

Visiting Chuck E. Cheese in 2022

Introduction  I recently did a little bit of travelling, and wanted to find gaming-related goods in other places instead of just locally or online. I found a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. Unlike several other restaurants (such as McDonald's, A & W, DQ, Pizza Hut, etc.), I have no memories of being at Chuck E. Cheese when I was a kid. I might've visited the restaurant once, but don't remember. I do remember seeing some of the commercials in the early/mid 2000's (during the Chuck E. Cheese


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Difficult Video Game Victories #1: Deca Sports 2 Tennis: Legend Cup

I was going to write this up as a forum post, but it became so long that I thought I'd turn it into a blog post. Today I completed the Deca Sports 2 tennis tournament on legend difficulty. That doesn't sound significant by itself, so allow me to dive into everything that made this one of the hardest things I've ever completed in any video game. To start out, I'll give a run down of the game's functions. The player character is moved around the court automatically, however the A a

Fixing things.

So I had to give up on my Frank the Fruit Fly game. But I had an idea about maybe fixing it while I was trying to go to sleep last night. So I got up and a couple of hours later it was working again. Although it automatically saved when you got to a new level for some reason even though I didn't tell it to. The problem was it was saving automatically after all screens, something I didn't want it to do. I want players to decide when they save by pressing Select. Oh well. I guess it's good it


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Reducing compilation time

So I didn't make anything new for Frank the Fruit Fly today. I was sick of waiting forever for it to compile, so I decided to take today and see if I could reduce the time it spent compiling the game. It took two minutes to compile the game. I had to sit there and wait for it being awfully slow. I wondered what I could do. I noticed in my code I had some very long switch statements in the main part of the code. So I changed them into voids and then pointed the correct void to the correct sc


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A frog.

I think it's okay to steal from yourself. I lifted the frog from the Pokemon Mini version and put him in the Game Boy version of "Frank the Fruit Fly." I got bored and so I decided if I had an idea I'd might as well just program it. And then I tried to go to sleep, and couldn't, so I got out of bed and made him face the other direction. I'm satisfied with the result. Don't touch the frog tongue! You'll lose health if you do. I don't remember who designed the frog, I just know it wasn't


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A frosty snowman.

I was looking through my code and thought "What can I make talk?" If you go up to certain characters and press B, they will give you a short comment or hint. I worked yesterday on the snowman, so I decided to make him talk. If you go up to the snowman's face and press B, he'll say something. Well, not "say" something as in making the game talk (although that would be cool. Having Frank say "ouch!" in a tiny little fruit fly voice whenever he gets hurt. But that's not going to happen.)


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The ultimate day of August, 2022

"Ultimate" here meaning "last." It was partly spent working on Frank the Fruit Fly. I looked through the guide I had made for the Pokemon Mini version. So I made a snowman on a screen. You cannot pass this screen until you make the snowman disappear. This was tough to solve how to do. I wanted an easy way to do it, but as it turned out, there isn't one. So I had to go my hard way I first thought of. And so another day, another screen added to Frank the Fruit Fly game for the Game Boy.


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Episode 7: Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/ZZDcFQJATsb Bart, Conor, and Nick head to the tundra with Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure, a puzzle platformer for the NES. There’s also a lengthy debate about the ethics of using save states on emulated games, and an even longer, highly skippable (but hopefully entertaining) examination of the regional cuisine of Saint Louis, Missouri and its notoriously divisive pizza. Haven’t played the game yet? Get it here: https://www.spoonyba


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More potato chip fun

I thought of an idea for the later levels: Homing missiles that the onion rings can shoot. So I put them in as a test. Then I noticed the missiles ranged in thickness when new playfield data is introduced. I didn't want that to happen, so I spent the next few hours trying to make it stop. This meant redoing all three screens I had designed so far, as well as the sprites. The sprites are smaller because the way I changed the way I use the playfield data to make the missiles all one thickness all

Some potato chip fun

I was looking through my stuff on my computer a couple days ago. I went into the Atari 2600 folder. I found my flying burger game. I tried it. It was okay, except for that the missile for the burger changed color. I thought to fix it, I could make the burger not a burger, but instead be something that just used one color. A hamburger wasn't one color. But what is? I thought for a minute. Potato chips are one color. So I changed the burger into a potato chip. The missile is the same color now.

HBGC Extra: Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/raLhXB7qJsb Conor and Nick discuss Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows, a charming platformer for the Game Boy Color that may or may not concern workplace discrimination and chronically traumatized birds (it doesn’t). Get the full game here: https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/product/ruby-rusty-save-the-crows/ Play the demo here: https://maxoakland.itch.io/ruby-rusty-save-the-crows Max Oakland on Twitter

The return of Stupidman again

Had it been that long? Last time I worked on my NES game was back in January. I figured I should work on it again. I'm trying to ease myself back into NES programming because I had forgotten a lot of what I had done and learned. The first thing I discovered was I had more tiles than I thought. So I used this to my advantage and used some more tiles to create a better title screen. The title is a pun. The "date" it's referring to is actually a raisin. And not just any ordinary raisin, b

Episode 24: Super Tilt Bro.

A Homebrew Draws Near! A blog series by @Scrobins Episode 24: Super Tilt Bro. Introduction: Homebrew first caught my eye when I sought to build out my game collection and I discovered new games for old consoles. Some games that stood out reinvented accessories like Super Russian Roulette’s use of the Zapper and Tailgate Party’s use of the Power Pad, while others applied modern gaming ideas to the old hardware like Candelabra: Estocerro and Spook-o’-tron’s use of both NES

Celery level 5 beginning

I worked on this for about three hours. After designing and redesigning the fence, I finally got it working. Mr. Celery moves right across the fence, moving up and down along the way. Now what do I do? Well, the next thing to do is add something for Mr. Celery to avoid that goes across the screen. The way to avoid it is to put Mr. Celery below it. And to do that, you don't press down, you just keep moving right until he goes down. I think this is the best looking fence I could make.

Celery level 4 done

Here is a picture of level 4 in action. To make the platform where it is in the picture, for example, you press down+left on the joystick. I made it like the Game and Watch game Manhole like I said. Mr. Celery is automatically crossing the screen and you need to place the platform under him so he doesn't fall into a hole and lose a life. Next up, making level 5. But not today. I'm feeling really hot in here. I don't know. I don't feel very good.

Episode 6: Xeno Crisis

GET THE PODCAST HERE: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/AKWfMYpYpsb The Homebrew Game Club takes on Xeno Crisis, a twin-stick shooter for the Sega Mega Drive. And loses, spectacularly. Get the game here, or on your platform of choice: https://shop.bitmapbureau.com/ The next game club pick is Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure for the NES. Get it here: https://www.spoonybard.ca/nes-games/alfonzos-arctic-adventure Music break: "Nest (Area 4)" by Savaged Regime. Free Xeno Crisis OST

Celery level 4

So I've began to come back to Adventures of the Stalk of Celery after getting a couple of ideas. Level 4 will be like the old Game and Watch game "Manhole", while level 5 will be like the Atari 2600 game based on Garfield. Here is the background for level 4. Mr. Celery will walk across the screen beginning at one of four places. Your job is to make sure Mr. Celery gets to the other side. To do that, you need to move a manhole (or in this case a little island) over the holes before Mr.

The REAL reasons why the GameCube is and always will be awesome

Introduction Hi there, and welcome to my first blog on Video Game Sage. This blog is about Nintendo's moderately successful but criminally underrated (so much so that Nintendo apparently regrets releasing it) sixth-generation console, the GameCube, and the REAL reasons why it is still an amazing console over twenty years after it was released and doesn't deserve all of the criticism it has received over the years. The reason why it is still a great console is not just because of Super Smash


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